Sitecore Module: Profile Key Scaffolder

In the Sitecore Sunday Pt2: Programmatic Profile Association post I talked about Sitecore profiles that map 1 to 1 with existing site taxonomies and how to associate these profiles to your site visitors without having to re-tag all of your content.

As part of this process setting up profile, profile key, profile card and pattern card items is still required and this can be quite a time consuming task because for each profile key you have to:

  1. Create the profile key item
  2. Set its max value to 10 (or a scale of your choosing)
  3. Create a profile card item with the same name
  4. Set its radar graph to the maximum value for the profile key
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 for the pattern card

You can see with a lot of profile keys how this could become tedious.

Profile scaffolding to the rescue!

Download the Profile Scaffolder, which is a small and unobtrusive module (Helix stylee) that reduces the task outlined above to a single step:

  1. Create a profile key and give it a name. Done.

Happy profiling!