Enhancing the Sitecore content author experience with Parameter Templates

The content author experience is central to a successful Sitecore project, striking the correct balance between functionality, tools and the reality of the everyday experience of a content author is a fine balancing act.

Sitecore provides us as developers many ways to extend the Sitecore UI using out of the box features or custom modules and applications.

With the introduction of DMS and personalization there has been a significant shift towards component driven solutions that place a great deal of importance on moving content authors away from the Sitecore Content Editor towards using the Page Editor. Allowing content authors to not only add components to a page but also configure a components behavior has become a critical requirement of many Sitecore projects.

Parameter templates give us the ability to provide a familiar user interface to content authors who are using Sitecore that enables them to decide how a component will behave by setting values in standard Sitecore fields.

For more information see the three part blog series created by myself and my colleague Jason St Cyr

  1. Introduction to Sitecore Parameter Templates: Making Sublayout configuration more intuitive
  2. Introduction to Sitecore Parameter Templates: Sitecore client configuration deep dive
  3. Introduction to Parameter Templates: Accessing Sublayout parameters using the Sitecore API

Happy Coding!